Michael Coleman

Michael Coleman

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Transformers 3

Watching this film was awkward, and not just because Chris kept trying to hold my hand.

I did not really like this film. I had not seen the second and did not much like the first. Aside from John Malkovich's and John Turturro's excellent performances there was barely a solid scene in the whole film. The girl, whatever her name is (and we should remember that her name is not important, not only because she will not act again, but because Michael Bay is absolutely shameless in his sexualisation of her), is attractive but very forgettable.

With that said, you will love this film. The story has enough drive (just) to justify the length - and it is long - and Shia seems content to navigate, once again, the transition from avergae-joe-to-hero. The action is highly stylized in traditional Bay fashion and the cars look cool.

You will give this 8/10 and I give it 3/10


  1. If I was as eloquent as Aaron I would have said something similiar, as i'm not I'd agree, you'll like it but it's not as good as the first but slightly better than the second.
    Still...whilst my nostalgia blinds me to many of the films flaws it was nice to see Toys I played with as a kid on the big screen, and a suitable close to Michael Bay's time with the Transformer franchise.
    I wonder if Chris Nolan fancies a franchise re-boot akin to Batman??

  2. btw, Michael you better read all of these.