Michael Coleman

Michael Coleman

Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Rebound

For approximately 92 mins I was able to tolerate and even enjoy this film. I laughed at some of the jokes and even thought some of the scenes and dialogue were pretty good. Catherine Zeta Jones fails to convince in anyway, either in her job, her marriage or in her relationships but there are parts when she does not do so bad. The male lead, I cannot be bothered to look up his name, is, ironically, very forgettable but not offensive.

What pushed me over the edge was a 7 minute montage of the twenty-something travelling the world while the forty-something dated and worked and looked after her children. Their relationship ended because she could not see a future for them with the large age gap. Implied in this visual barrage of various wonders of the world was a sense that travel equals maturity. That the middle-class pilgrimage of backpacking somehow transforms you into something different, someone ready for a mature relationship with a slightly-older-but-still-hot-woman.

More than this, when they predictably meet, after his return, adopted son in tow, he is able to slip right back into their family without even a blink. Their hands substituting as a facile metaphor for the relationship as they gently and unthinkingly clasp under the table. Really!!! 5 years and not even a blink from any of the parties involved.

It was cheap and shoddy, do not ever waste your time.


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